Friday, July 10, 2015

Proposal Shoot! {Taylor & Garrett}

A few weeks earlier, Taylor called to schedule a photo shoot for her and her boyfriend, Garrett. I was super excited to photograph them because I shot them both as teenagers and we've known both of their families for years! As you can imagine, my excitement rose when I got a call from Garret with his plans to propose to Taylor during the shoot! Eeeekkkk!!
Garrett and I worked up a plan and on the day of the shoot I prayed my cheesy grin would not give anything away! Luckily, Taylor did not suspect a thing and when I directed them to a side-by-side pose, and got a few shots and said the phrase Garrett and I had worked out to be his cue, "well guys, I think we've got some great shots!", Garrett dropped to one knee and popped the question! 
Taylor was completely surprised! I just snapped like a crazy woman through my tears as I watched her sweet reaction and excited, "YES"! 
It's a moment I'll never forget and I'm so beyond honored that I was asked to capture this special moment for them.
Here's the storyboard I created for Taylor & Garrett to make their big announcement to family and friends: 

And more shots from the special day:

Friday, June 19, 2015

2015 Seniors

I love photographing Seniors every year. Graduation is such a huge milestone in a person's life and I love being able to freeze time and create lasting memories for the graduate and their family.  
This year, I photographed more Seniors than any previous year! I am so honored that parents would choose to entrust me to capture these precious moments in their child's life.
So many of this year's Seniors were kids I've watched grow up! I'm amazed at the beautiful young women and men they have become! There's no doubt God has great plans in store for each of them!
Here's a peek into each of their shoots: